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What role can Geo Load Balancing from KEMP play in your Disaster Recovery Strategy?

Most organisations have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that typically involves taking a Disaster Recovery (DR) copy of a server and keeping it up to date at a remote site. This is of course the right thing to do, but for a lot of servers, they are part of a service and as such have remote connections to the service (such as a web page) and if, in the event of a disaster the server is made live in the DR site, then where are the external users trying to connect to? Almost certainly the original site and a server that has gone up in a puff of smoke!

IT infrastructure

General simplicity in your IT & why essentialNET are key to this

IT is one of the fastest moving sectors and in recent years one that has impacted on every business, large or small. More and more of our functions are becoming tech delivered and with the speedy development of new processes and devices have come a whole wide range of new risks that we are frequently warned about and threatened with. All of this together can produce something of a panicked response to IT and a tendency to continuously add to structure and processes, sometimes without a huge amount of forethought.


Hyperconvergence simplicity - VDI & core infrastructure

The idea behind hyperconvergence is that it is meant to make life easier. However, as with every great idea, there are always a hundred amendments, redesigns and reworks that people add to ‘improve,’ which actually end up just overcomplicating. The key to true hyperconvergence is to keep it simple, to invest in quality, specialist technology solutions that suit your circumstances and don’t add more than you need or offer less than you require. So what do you need to look out for when it comes to the right kind of hyperconvergence model?